About CTW

For most people, the term “Logistics”, means getting a load moved from one location to another, in a specific time frame, for a specific amount of money. It all seems quite cut and dried, and for most logistics companies that’s the way their business is run. It’s all numbers; from customer’s ID’s, to the same formula they use for all loads, to the emphasis on their bottom line. But at CTW, we approach “Logistics” a little differently.

It all started a long time ago, before the modern trucking industry had taken shape. It started with a horse and a wagon. That was our beginning. When our company was started there were no cell phones, no GPS, or load tracking software. We might have started with a flatbed, but it was powered by horse, not a diesel engine.

Our legacy started with Mr. Robert L. Winsky in 1948. With an $8,000 mortgage and a strong desire to work for himself, Mr. Winsky purchased a pickup and delivery business consisting of four trucks. While working by day and attending Rockhurst University by night, Mr. Winsky expanded his company while acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in business administration. In 1959, he purchased The Only Way Transfer & Warehousing Company. From there Mr. Winsky’s work ethic and passion  have allowed our company not just survive, but thrive since our inception.

Mr Winsky and Trucks

Our Founder Mr. Winsky

From that horse drawn wagon, we have grown over the years into a full menu, Logistics Service Provider that employs modern day technologies coupled with exceptional customer service. We proudly provide our customers with cutting edge logistic services. Although many things have changed since then, there is one value that we have kept from our horse and wagon days that truly sets us apart from the rest of the industry. It is our dedication to people and our belief that if you tell the truth and treat people with respect, good things will happen.

It is one thing to “Talk the Talk” and quite another to “Walk the Walk.” We have maintained this attitude for over 64 years and literally millions of miles. It is our goal to treat all our associates and customers with respect and to continually demonstrate this commitment to all with which we interact.

If you add it all up, it is our people and our values that have made us industry leaders for the past 64 years. We will continue to acquire the industry standard in equipment and evolve with the times but 64 years ago, Mr. Winsky got a couple of things right, and we’re just going to stick with the values that have grown our company. The horse and wagon are gone, but our goal of treating people the right way is here to stay.

If you share similar attitudes maybe we should get to know each other. Drop us an email or call us. We like making new friends.