CTW Transportation | Kansas City Flatbed & Van Carrier

A Different Kind of Trucking Company

  • Two horses
  • Four trucks
  • Five employees
  • About fourteen customers

To most people these do not seem like the most auspicious foundation for a business, but we are proud of it. We are proud because that is our heritage and from that legacy we have become CTW Transportation Services, INC. With our historical tillage and our team of specialists with many years of cumulative experience, we have grown into a modern trucking company providing local, regional and long haul service.

Many things have changed since 1948, and we have changed with the times. The horse and buggy are gone, but we have traded it in for modern equipment for almost any job. Our equipment includes 53′ vans, flatbeds, chassis, step-decks and even more specialized equipment. We can handle most any shipment from a pallet to loads that have to be permitted with escorts due to their weight or dimensions. We also perform Inter-modal Drayage Services and with our in-house warehousing operation, we can perform even more specialized tasks like truck-to-rail or Final Mile Distribution.

Our modern equipment is a staple of this company, but that is not what has provided our growth. When we were small, we learned the value of a customer. We learned that when an individual or company asked us to get a job done, they were placing their trust in us. That trust is something special, something we value. We may be showing our “old fashion” roots but that’s just who we are, and that’s why we are different. So if you are looking for a logistics company that will treat you properly and value your trust, choose CTW Transportation.