CTW Global Logistics | Kansas City Freight Broker

Your Premier 3PL

It truly is a challenge for a 3PL company to differentiate itself from other Logistics Agencies. That is a challenge that CTW Global Logistics strives to meet every day and we address that opportunity through our hard work and integrity, plus being in the logistics world for a better part of a century doesn’t hurt. But what truly separates us from the competition is that CTW Global handles Logistics Management  interactively with the customer.

When acting as your agent, other companies strategies are passively driven, they take your service request and post it to a load board and wait for the phone to ring. While our competition is twiddling their thumbs waiting for someone to “Take the Bait”, CTW Global is actively leveraging our experience and our partnerships for you to get the job done for the lowest possible price. Other companies will hire any agent as long as they have a phone and internet. We have higher standards. CTW Global’s team is comprised of specialists who have literally dedicated their entire career to the Supply Chain. These men and women are the difference makers as they give our company the credence, knowledge, and connections that make CTW Global outstanding.

Few companies have the depths of experience or the culture of integrity as CTW Global. We understand that you do not want to speak to a different representative every time you call, and we recognize that our interactions with you are just as important as they price. So if you want to say goodbye to your impersonal 3PL and say hello to a real person who will actively service you, then give CTW Global a call.

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